What Goes Into Planning Our Adventure – Part 1

I thought I would write out the steps for planning “Our Great Adventure” so that it might help you plan your own in the near future. The hardest part is deciding what your going to do. We picked this journey because we all love to visit our local State parks, we were born and raised here and we have relatives all over the state that we can visit or have them visit us along the way. Mom, sad to say, is not a spring chicken anymore but she likes to travel and this is going to be her LAST HOORAY! We are by no means “well-off” and indeed it will take just about everything we have to make this journey but we decided it would be worth it. Who knows, we might even make some money off the crafts we’re going to sell, the book we’re going to publish at the end and even the video my friends are going to help me produce from all of the pictures and video we take!

Once you decide your going to do something like this you have to be committed to the process, willing to work hard at accomplishing your goals and finally getting and staying as organized as possible. Let’s face it going from a 4 Bedroom house to just a 31 Foot RV may seem like a daunting task but you can do it if you really want to. It helps if you have friends and family willing to help out as much as possible. My sons have volunteered to do all the heavy lifting of the boxes we are putting in storage, my brother will help make sure that the RV is mechanically sound and the RV Dealer has assured us they will make sure we know how to do everything with the RV that we need to. Finally, we have already decided to get the RV Roadside Assistance Insurance that guarantees they will come to us where ever we are when we have a problem with the RV. You can never have too much insurance. But shop around and compare prices and services to get the best deal that you can. We have attended a RV Show and have asked lots of questions from the various vendors present.

There are some things that we need that you might not. For instance, since we will continue to homeschool my youngest daughter, updating our various websites and producing a “Live Broadcast” every week it is essential that we have a fast and reliable wireless internet service that we can take with us on the road. You might just want to “Get Away From It All”. That is very hard to find at a reasonable price and that can reach as many of the areas we are going to visit as possible. We may have to leave the parks and head to the nearest city to get Internet/Phone Service to do the computing and broadcasting park in some areas. So far, we have a prepaid service, no contract, with MIFI ($129 for device) through Virgin Mobile that only costs about $50 a month for up to 2.5 GB of data but that is not really enough for us. The next service we are looking at is through AT&T and that is a 2 year contract at $80 a month for 10GB data and about $50 for their device. Each will allow us to have 5 wireless devices sharing the Internet connection. According to their coverage maps they will cover most of the places we will be going. I set up our home network here that is currently sharing connections with 2 desktops, 2 laptops and a wireless printer, hopefully, I won’t have too much problems setting the mobile service up.


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