What Is Up With This Weather

Seriously people living in an RV full-time you have to really be aware of the weather. Even in Florida this winter we have had some quite chilly days here lately. Yes, I know it is nothing like what is happening around the country and we are worried about our relatives in the severely hit areas but you don’t have a lot of protection in one of these little metal boxes on wheels. Sadly, we can’t just up and leave where we are because our engine is still blown and we have committed to staying here another couple of months.

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Even our fellow RVers in southern Florida are getting a little chilly at night but we have had ice on the grounds a couple of times this month here in North Florida. There are some inexpensive things you can do to help yourself stay as warm as possible. The least expensive is getting a roll of bubble wrap from our local Wally World and cutting pieces to fit the windows. The moisture in on the glass will, generally, keep the bubble wrap on it until you peel it off. You would really be surprised how much of the cold weather seeps in through your windows. It helps to have curtains above all the windows too but the wrap acts like insulation.


Second, we filled up the propane tank before the coldest weather hit. That way we can turn on the oven for 20 to 30 minutes at a time to get the chill out of the air prior to going to bed. We do have a little space heater that mom uses in the front while she is awake and the oven is off. While I’m usually in the back of the trailer typing away on my laptop with just a blanket to cover my shoulders. Even during the coldest nights all I’ve needed (with my hot flashes) is two blankets and a couple of extra standard pillows or just a body pillow. You put the pillows on either side of you and cover them with the same blanket. They act as addition insulation and help keep you warm. That is supposing you don’t have a partner in bed with you that is.

If you are at a campsite with a sewer connection you can drip your water overnight to help keep the water hose from freezing otherwise you will need to turn the water off and unhooking the hose prior to going to bed. Make sure you have a couple jugs of water inside the trailer with you to use for flushing the toilet and another to use for drinking and making your coffee in the morning. You don’t want to have to go outside first thing in the morning to hook your water up again until it warms up just a little or the sun comes out whichever comes first.

Till next time

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