What We’re About

We are two southern women who have decided to sell everything and travel around the state of Florida before we get too old to enjoy it. My mom and I have come up with a mission and that is to visit all 170 or so Florida State Parks and Greenways Trails, Forests as well as the Florida National Parks, Forests, and Wildlife Refuges. Along the way we will be taking pictures, creating videos and writing reviews from a woman’s point of view. There are only about 53 Florida State Parks with RV Camping but as a live on-site volunteer, we can stay at an additional 40 or so day use parks then visit the others within the area.

We love to travel and spend time in the great outdoors, fishing, picnicking, reading about historical sites and meeting new people. With all the Federal, State and local budget cut most parks and recreational areas reserved for family use at a small fee are going on the chopping block and are, more than likely, going to be ending up in greedy paws of developers! Not to mention that most are in need of repairs and replacement equipment and/or facilities. Volunteers help keep them going as well as lots of visitors to help keep money flowing into their budgets every year. Hopefully, our little website will get more people involved and keep these lovely public land areas available to the public at a reasonable cost.

In the beginning, we wanted to go to all the parks, stay about a week and record for our readers what is good, bad and/or ugly about them but from a woman’s point of view. Then at the end of our adventure, we hoped to create a couple of entertaining videos as well as write a couple of books about our experiences. Our park reviews pictures videos are currently posted on YouTube and available to anyone who wishes to view them. We write blog articles about our experiences as often as we can and post them on our blog. We have published one book about Volunteer Workamping in Florida that is currently available at several online stores both in eBook and paperback editions. Eventually, we hope to publish more. We are still working on the other types of videos and may just upload them onto Youtube but may release them for sale on this website.

Along the way, we will be creating our handcrafted items to sell at the parks, local festivals, and flea markets. This, along with writing and publishing books about our experiences, will (we hope) keep funding our great adventure and keep us going. If you find our information helpful or even just entertaining we hope you will buy one of our handcrafted items or one of our books. Check out the links below.

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