What Would You Do For Your Dreams?

What would you do to achieve your dreams? We all ask ourselves this question once we set out on a quest. Our dream is this trip and to have to ability to go where we want to go when we want to and in the mean time to earn a little money along the way. We have collected cans, turned in all of our spare change, help yardsales and even offered things for sale on Craig’s List. We have a couple of websites that feature our handcrafted goods for sale and even offer them in exchange for contributions. We offer our skills and our talents to try and achieve our financial goals in order for us to have our dreams.

In all of our campaigning efforts and to help get the word out about Our Great Adventure we have received some praise, some encouragement and a few financial contributions as well. We are far from meeting our financial goals and are still trying to encourage more people to read through our pages, make suggestions, contribute what they can and share them with their friends and relatives. We have only had one naysayer in all this and it was some young chick who doesn’t think us oldsters should have any dreams left. That is a shame for her. But for all the rest of us we know that having dreams of any kind is what keeps people going in this life. We hope to encourage others to pursue their dreams what ever they may be. And if we write about anything that helps you along the way please let us know. You can subscribe to this blog and will automatically receive in your email any updates and added pages as we post them.

Everyone in our family is contributing one way or another and that is what you need as well. Get involved with some social media sites. Gather some friends along the way. Help someone else when you can and that will come back to you. We all need help every now and again. Just remember you are never too old to go after your dreams. And forget the naysayers they are only jealous that you are putting yourself out there.


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