Who We Are

Hello, and welcome to our Southern Ladies Adventure Blog. There are two of us traveling through the state of Florida in our old Class A RV. We thought you would like to know a little bit about us. Sometimes we also have my youngest daughter traveling with us so I have added her information at the bottom.

My Mom – Sandra
She was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She has traveled little during her life but does like to drive the back roads visiting our various state parks, forests, and other public lands and historical sites She is retired. She likes to read, crochet different things including our scarves, hats, purses and other items we will be offering for sale in our online stores. She has worked at a photo processing lab, commercial nursery, drive cars at the docks for Toyota and as a secretary for the State of Florida Juvenile Justice Department. She helps with our workamping assignments now as much as she is able.

Mom visiting her mother’s old home town

Me – Jolene
I was also born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I like to read, create websites/blogs, write articles and travel around visiting parks and historical sites as well. I worked in the medical field as a Patient Access Rep which is someone who collects demographic and insurance information about patients and inputting it into the computer. I have worked in a doctors office, a psychiatric hospital and a couple of local medical hospitals. I have also done filing, collections, and billing as well in each of these settings. I have about 15 other websites/blogs and write articles for each of them. I am also learning how to make bead and wire jewelry that I sell in our online stores as well as music festivals. I have had to retire from my job a little early due to a few medical problems and thought this project would keep me busy. I am currently workamping in various places around Florida and have written and published a book for other RVers who would like to know more about the volunteer workamping opportunities in Florida.

Jolene Working at Adams Tract River Camp
Jolene Working at Adams Tract River Camp

My Daughter – Katie
Katie was also born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She started with us on our adventure and has bounced around between various different relatives helping out where she can. Currently, she is gaining work experience by volunteering with us at the different Florida State Parks and National Forests we have workamping assignments. After getting her G.E.D. she wants to apply for a position as a Forest Ranger. Her old white and black Jack Russell Terrier, Linus, stays with us and acts a watchdog and an alarm to get us up each morning.

Katie and her Linus
Katie and her Linus




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