Women Camping Fun

Women love to camp too. Most of us would rather camp in a recreational vehicle of some kind with a soft bed, bathroom and a shower. So long as you can get our home on wheels into whatever spot is available even in the middle of nowhere we would probably have a great time. There is something special about a miniature home on wheels that reflects our personality and has all the comforts of home. Yes, we can sit by the fire outside our little place, roast marshmallows over an open flame and drink a nice glass of wine while gazing at the stars. Then we can go into our abode grab a shower and hit the sack in an air conditioned space. Make sure we have electricity at the campsite or a very nice and quiet generator. Wait…that is what I like to do.

There are those females out there that do not mind sleeping under the stars in a sleeping bag next the fire after hiking all around the area enjoying nature. Just like there are those that simply refuse to even consider heading out to the woods for more than a few hours or just passing through. No mater which kind of female you are we hope you will at least try a few new things every now and then. Of course, going with friends is almost always fun with lots of educational opportunities.

In the coming new year we wish all of our readers will have a safe and happy holiday season, travel safely, meet new people and enjoy all of our great Florida public land areas.